AL - meter

AL - meter

The AL-METER test system is designed for ferrite cores AL parameter measurements, at predefined pressure. The test system is composed of two parts: AL-BRIDGE and TWISTING DEVICE.


AL-BRIDGE includes all the necessary instrumentation for the inductance measurement and it can be used separately.

TWISTING DEVICE provides the mechanic socket for DUT and the wiping functions.

Communication between the test system and the system computer is provided by the RS232 interface.

The AL-METER test system is controlled by UNITES Systems a.s. software program. This program includes all the necessary functions for measurement, self-test and mechanical movements. It also allows storage of measured and calculated values and simple statistic calculations.

Competitive advantages

  • The only test solution in the industry
  • Unique precise equipment
  • Excellent accuracy and stability
  • Cost effective solution
  • Life cycle support combination of mechanical and electronic test methods
  • GUI-graphic user interface
  • Self-Test program
  • Certified calibration on-site
  • Easy menu-like programming
  • SW calibration
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