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Czech republic
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Our company has many years of experience in custom electronics production. We specialize in specimen and small-order orders, but we are able to provide even larger series. Our advantage is high flexibility, quality and close cooperation with development.

Verification of design, sample production

Are not you sure your circuits will work to full satisfaction?
We will produce a prototype or verification series, often without the need for PCB production, we will find errors, we will propose solutions and improvements ...

PCB mounting

We assemble printed circuit boards with conventional technology and SMD technology. We specialize in a smaller series, it is not an exception for us to assemble a piece of quantity (eg prototypes, samples, etc.). We rely on a team of experienced operators with many years of experience. We strive to meet our customers even in incomplete assignments, which we are able to do on the basis of experience, with the help of our development engineers.

We mainly use the ERSA I-CON soldering stations for manual installation. We use both Pb and PbFree technology. For larger series, the UNIPRINT-PM planer and table screen are used. It is a simple solder paste application suitable for prototype series of double-sided printed circuit boards. The maximum dimensions of the planer are 300 × 434 mm.

Product assembly

We also carry out preparatory work, assembling of mechanical and electronic parts, cables, folding into larger (and final) units, which reduces the risk of damage to individual parts.

DPS soldering in vapor

We use a high quality SLC300.
The maximum size of the printed circuit board is 320 mm x 250 mm.
The truck can also be soldered on both sides.
We use the GALDEN LS / 230 medium, which is also sufficient for PbFree technology.

Unlike other soldering methods, the heat of the soldering is not transmitted by radiation or forced convection, but by condensation vapor. Once the heating is switched on, the liquid is heated until its temperature reaches boiling point, in our case 230 ° C. Once the liquid reaches boiling point, its temperature can no longer increase. The PCB temperature can not be higher than the vapor temperature, so there is no danger of overheating. This technology ensures even temperature distribution on PCBs and thus does not produce cold connections.

Spray washing

For washing the PCBs from the flux residues after soldering and washing the template from the paste and adhesive we use the MODULCLEAN industrial washer. Uses washing in VIGON A200 water-based microemulsion by spraying in air, rinsing in DI water and hot air drying.
The modular system allows for optimal configuration of the washing line according to the used mounting technology.

  • The dimensions of the washing chamber are 760mm x 760mm.
  • The width of the 100 mm chambers allows for the cleaning of PCBs with a high build-up.
  • The duration of individual operations can be set as desired by the customer.
  • To wash smaller series, use the HANUZ 400 ultrasonic washer.
  • The maximum dimensions of the board are 250mm x 125mm.

Visual inspection

We carry out visual inspection for all our printed circuit boards.
We use a high-performance dynascopic  stereomicroscope with projection image and high resolution from Vision Engineering (LYNX, MANTIS).

Functional tests

If necessary, the PCBs are tested, animated and programmed by their own FCT / ICT testers

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