Effitest P-Series is State-of-the-art FPGA-based high-speed test system for mass production of power discrete semiconductors. It is based on Effitest test platform with extension of high voltage and high current modules. With this configuration, Effitest P-Series is an ideal choice for testing IGBTs, MOS-FETs, Power modules and other high power semiconductors. Effitest is designed to test not only Si semiconductors, but also SiC and GaN!

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New Extensions available:

  • UIS/UIL Avalanche testing for EAS and EAR measurements
  • Capacitance measurement - Rg, Cg, Ciss, Coss, Crss

Available Configurations p900 series

  • Effitest p910 2500V / 6A
  • Effitest p911 600V / 100A
  • Effitest p912 600V / 300A
  • Effitest p913 2500V / 100A
  • Effitest p914 2500V / 300A
  • Effitest p915 2500V / 600A
  • Effitest p916 2500V / 900A
  • Effitest p917 2500V / 1200A
  • Effitest p918 2500V / 1500A

We can offer also individual configurations up to 2500V / 1500A!

Multi-site testing capability

  • On wafer
  • On a handler

TESTING (Wafer, Bare Die, Packaged Componets):

  • Transistors (GaN, SiC, etc.)
  • MOS-FETs
  • IGBTs
  • MES-FETs
  • Diodes
  • Rectifiers
  • Bridges
  • SCRs
  • Hybrid modules
  • Power Devices
  • Power Transistors
  • Power Modules



  • Easy to install and setup - less than 3 hours from crate to test (test menu editor is currently under development)
  • High speed test -  around 200 ms to test for high power MOS-FET, 80ms for a power diode
  • Full bridge IGBT modules testing
  • Throughput up to 45,000 UPH
  • Virtual scope – internal instrument allowing display of measured parameters – voltages, currents, etc. with 100kHz sample rate
  • Reduced hardware set - decreases maintenance costs
  • SW auto calibration - calibration with external DMM available with one click
  • Easy programming and debugging of test programs (test menu editor is currently under development)
  • Configurable test head - one or two CVI’s can be placed on each test head
  • Life-cycle support

    Virtual scope
        Virtual scope feature

Technical specification

  • CVI unit consists of - 2×VI source 30V/3A, HV source 600V/10mA and Leakage current meter from 10nA range
  • High Current Source LVI - 300A scalable up to 1500A
  • On-board dual 16-bit ADC for voltage and current measurement
  • High Voltage Source - HVI -2500V to +2500V 
  • Kelvin matrix MX_4A2B - with on board self-test
  • Hi-current matrix MX_2C - with on board self-test
  • Digitizer & Time Measurement Unit
  • Resolution 16 bit force / measure

              Four-quadrant scheme of LVI


Areas of application

  • High volume production testing
  • Quality control
  • Failure analysis
  • Engineering testing