EFFITEST P100 Series

EFFITEST P100 Series

The Effitest P100 Series represents a compact desktop version of bigger P900 Series. Tailored for both laboratory and production environments. In contrast to the P900 Series, this variant features constraints on maximum power output and pincount. Leveraging the Effitest test platform, it integrates high voltage and high current instruments capable of reaching up to 2500V/300A. This configuration positions the Effitest P100 Series as an optimal solution for testing Diodes, IGBTs, and MOS-FETs with focus on efficient utilization of floor space.


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Extensions available:

Available Configurations p100 series

  • Effitest p100 2500V / 10A
  • Effitest p111 800V / 100A
  • Effitest p112 800V / 300A
  • Effitest p113 2500V / 100A
  • Effitest p114 2500V / 300A

Modified version allows:

  • Reverse Surge testing of Zener diodes
  • Thermal resistance (Rth or dVSD) testing



Multi-site testing capability

  • On a manual adapter(s)
  • On wafer
  • On a handler
  • Ping-pong mode available (2 sites with 2 different devices)

TESTING (Wafer, Bare Die, Packaged Componets):

  • Transistors (GaN, SiC, etc.)
  • MOS-FETs
  • IGBTs
  • MES-FETs
  • Diodes
  • Rectifiers
  • Bridges
  • SCRs
  • Hybrid modules
  • Power Devices
  • Power Transistors
  • Power Modules



  • Easy and fast menu-like TP programming
  • High speed test -  around 100 ms to test for high power MOS-FET, 50ms for a power diode
  • Throughput up to 60,000 UPH
  • Single, Dual or Quad Configuration
  • Virtual scope – internal instrument allowing display of measured parameters – voltages, currents, etc. with 100kHz sample rate
  • Automatic calibration / selftest
  • Configurable test head - scalable platform 
  • Wide library of standard test methods (following MIL-STD-750 and IEC 60747)
  • Wafer mapping

Technical specification

  • CVI unit  2×VI source 30V/10A, HV source 800V/100mA and Leakage current meter from 10nA range
  • High Current Source LVI 300A
  • High Voltage Source HVI -2500V to +2500V 
  • Hi-current matrix MX1 with on board self-test
  • Digitizer & Time Measurement Unit with 100kHz for DC measurements, 500MHz for AC measurements
  • Resolution 16 bit force / measure


Areas of application

  • High volume production testing
  • Quality control
  • Failure analysis
  • Engineering testing



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