UNITES Systems a.s.
Kpt. Macha 1372
757 01 Valašské Meziříčí
Czech republic
T: +420 571 757 230
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UNITES Systems a.s. was established in 1991and has wide experience in development and production of ATE solutions and other electronics.

At the beginnings we were a sales & support representative of Heraeus Instruments (Germany) focused on service of test systems of SZ Test systeme. Since 1992 SZ-UNITES a.s. has atced as an independent company with its own development and production departments. In 2005 the company transformed its name to UNITES Systems a.s.



  • Establishment of company


  • Official sales & service representative of SZ Testsysteme
  • Own development and production departments


  • Cooperation with Heraeus


  • New SW development team


  • Design and manufacture of ATE instruments for SZ Testsysteme
  • Annual Award of EIA


  • Development of test software UTS for tester SZ M3000


  • Release of UTS PC software for M3000 test system
  • New test applications for AD/DA converters and TTL devices, procesors and CPLD


  • New V/I source ± 52V / 500mA development


  • Development of test SW under Windows and test applications for RF devices


  • Development of high-speed ATEs launched


  • Development of PCI instruments including driver SW


  • Increase of speed of development and technical parameters of our solutions using ALTERA FPGA´s
  • Development of universal test SW pack for ATEs – SCADUS


  • Licensed manufacturing and supporting of M3000/M3010 test systems


  • Development of AL METER – unique semi-automatic ferrite cores tester as a customized development for ferrite cores manufacturer EPCOS
  • Many innovations: high-speed AD/DA honourable, avalanche test adapter, high-speed digitizer, new module of timer


  • Development of UNIMET 3000, 4000 – universal test platform for incoming inspection, R&D and low volume production


  • Development of high-speed test platform, a new product UNISPOT S40/S80 entered the market
  • Development of UNIMET 4000H – special test solution for hybrid tests
  • Implementation of Integrated Management system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001)
  • Moved to new facility


  • Start of development of the UNISPOT DHP tester designed for power components (1000A, 2500V)
  • The launch of UNISPOT ACCEL tester sales in Asia
  • Active participation in exhibitions Componex Nepcon India, SEMICON China, SEMICON Russia, SEMICON Taiwan
  • Launch the development of the wireless radio system
  • Obtain a grant from European funds to support marketing activities


  • The company participates in the Ampér trade fair on 31 March - 3 April and receives honorable mention for UNISPOT S40
  • Start the development of a wireless water meter reading system

The experience gained during the 17 years of existence of the company is invaluable for us and is a prerequisite for another successful future. Over the past years, the company has gained: Team of experienced and stable development engineers and other professional staff

Know-how in the field of development of measuring and testing equipment, pulse and programmable sources, development and production of custom-made equipment,
Subscriptions and references from major customers: Bosch, ESA, Airbus, EADS, SAAB, Braun, Viessmann, ON Semiconductor, Freescale, Infineon, Siemens, Alcatel, EPCOS and many others

  • UNITES Systems a.s. became a member of the Czech Space Alliance
  • Certified integrated management system
  • Security and background of own building
  • Development of FCT / ICT tester UniCheck
  • Modification of SCADUS for the new UENO handler


  • Development of the DMM Multiplexer for Credence


  • Anniversary 2o years since the foundation of the company - jubilee logo
  • Launching a new development centre (laboratory + office)
  • Redesign of Stratix communication module for Unispot testers
  • Development of smart thermostat for boilers
  • Demo of the Effitest e50 tester in Thailand and Malaysia
  • Adjustment of Effitest e50 for centre
  • Development of HV multipliers for Sendio - CRT light sources


  • Construction of 30kWp photovoltaic power plant on the roof 
  • Opening a new development center
  • Launch of USSPA whirlpool electronics development
  • Development of GD board for MTQ / Brose
  • Successful customer audit from Brose (Germany)
  • Development of FCT / ICT tester DMT with Stronics application


  • Ten applications of FCT / ICT testing by a DMT tester
  • Smart Access development for Schott
  • Attending the Amper fair
  • Development of Baymac for Honeywell


  • Dot-matrix development for Honeywell



  • Three FCT / ICT applications for the DMT tester for Zollner


  • Redesign TA07 for Unimet -> TA37
  • Kerberos POWER development completed
  • Kerberos Lite development completed
  • Participation in the Infotherma, Aquatherm and Intersolar fairs
  • The development of a standalone DMT tester


  • CMT platform development finished
  • Huge range of FCT/ICT test application sucessfully installed
  • We have become a member of Czech Space Alliance
  • We participated on Paris Space Week
  • We have exhibited on Space Tech Expo Pasadena, USA
  • PCIe communication interface for UNIMET finished
  • We have exhibited on InteSolar, Munich
  • Finished buiding construction modifications


  •  we have extended our business network for FCT/ICT of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, China
  •  we have extended our business network for component testing of Great Britain, Russia, China, Tawain
  •  development of UNIMET 2020 was finished
  •  capability of integrating applications in LabView and TestSand
  •  new colour design of FCT/ICT testers
  • exhibiting on Productronica 2019 and Space Tech Expo 2019
  • we have attended following exhibitions: Embeded world, Paris Space Week, SEMICON China, Automotive testing expo, SMT Nürnberg, Sensor & Test, RADECS


  • we have become official reseller of Gantner Instruments for Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • we have become official alliance partner of National Instruments
  • we have extended our business network for FCT / ICT of Germany, BENELUS and Iran
  • we have extended our business network for component testing of Malaysia and Philipines
  • integration of MiniPC into the DMT fixtures
  • development of UNIMET 1037 was finished


  • Iintroduction of the new Effitest P-Series platform
  • first sales for new adapter TA37.TIM for switching applications like trr, tON, tOFF
  • participation on Productronica 2023 exhibition


  • first deliveries of the Effitest P900 Series to major customer - Onsemi 
  • rapid growth in FCT/ICT both personally and in revenue
  • start of the development of UIL/UIS avalanche extension and capacitance extension for Effitest platform 
  • participation on NSREC 2022, RADECS 2022, Electroinca 2022, 


  • strategic partnership with TRI in ICT testing
  • delivering first big project on TRI testers to customers in Hungary, Czech Republic
  • delivering Effitest P900 Series testers to customers in Germany, USA and China
  • introduction of development roadmap for next 3 years with focus on testing power semiconductors
  • company revenue exceeded €5M for the first time
  • participation on APEC 2023, Semicon Southeast 2023, NSREC 2023, RADECS 2023, Semicon Taiwan 2023, Productronica 2023, Semicon Japan 2023 
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