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We want to participate on the technological progress thus over the years we have become a member in many important technological organizations in Europe. We thank to all other members and especially coordinators for the opportunity of being part of Czech Space Alliance, Moravian Aerospace Cluster and RADNEXT.





RADNEXT is an H2020 INFRAIA-02-2020 infrastructure proposal with the objective of creating a network of facilities and related irradiation methodology for responding to the emerging needs of electronics component and system irradiation; as well as combining different irradiation and simulation techniques for optimizing the radiation hardness assurance for systems, focusing on the related risk assessment.


Moravian aerospace cluster

Moravian Aerospace Cluster

The Moravian Aircraft Cluster was established in 2010 as an association of aircraft companies having as a join objective the development of competitive aircraft industry. The Cluster acts in the region of south-eastern Moravia and the center of its activities is located in Kunovice where its important member companies have their place of business, i.e. 5M, Aircraft Industries and Evektor.

The Cluster consists of 22 industrial companies, aviation services companies and technical universities. More than 3000 people work in the participating companies. The overall turnover for the year 2012 exceeded € 200 mil.


Czech Space Alliance

The Czech Space Alliance (CSA) is an SME industry association of, and for, Czech space companies with proven skills and track record in aerospace business, and with broad international client base. The alliance was established in 2006 under the auspices of CzechTrade, the export promotion agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. During the process leading to the Czech accession to the ESA convention in 2008, it was registered as a legal entity. Its focus is on promoting the capabilities of its members and fostering their successful participation in competitive international space tenders, with major emphasis on ESA. This is carried out worldwide in the context of promoting the Czech Republic high tech capabilities and of establishing and developing relationship with other associations, space agencies and other entities involved in space technology development or utilisation.

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