Designed as an expandable platform for testing PCBAs, the TR5001 provides an economical, customizable solution that can fully meet testing requirements of most customers. TR5001 incorporates MDA with selectable ICT and Functional test capabilities that cut production line staff costs, save testing time and increase productivity.


  • Modular upgrade options from MDA to ICT and functional test
  • High fault coverage test solution
  • Limited access solution and functional test expansion using PXI modules
  • Friendly UI with fast and easy program development

Tester Specifications

Analog/hybrid test points

  • 3200 analog or maximum digital test points: 1600

Operating System

  • Microsoft® Windows 10

Fixture Type

  • Offline press type fixture

Standard Testing Components

Analog Test Hardware

  • 6-wire measurement switching matrix
  • Programmable AC/DC/DC High voltage and current sources
  • AC/DC voltage, DC current measurement, frequency
  • Component R/L/C measurement

Optional Components

Analog Hardware

  • TestJet vectorless open circuit detection
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Digital Testing

  • Non-multiplexing 1:1 per pin architecture with independent per-pin level setting
  • DUT power supplies: 5 V@3 A, 3.3 V@3 A, 12 V@3A, -12 V@1 A and 24 V@3 A
  • Programmable DUT power supplies: 75 V / 8 A max, 200W maximum output power
  • Includes BScan Chain Test, BScan Cluster Test, BScan Virtual Nails Test, BScan Virtual Chain Test and IEEE1149.6 Test
  • On-board Flash, EEPROM, MAC programming

Yield Management System

  • YMS 4.0


Board Handling

Max PCB Size

  • Standard: 420 x 300 mm
  • Option: 500 x 350 mm or larger




  • 1050 x 850 x 1735 mm


  • 300 kg
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