UNIMET 2020 represents a unique and flexible linear and mixed signal test platform for cost effective testing of a wide range of components. UNIMET 2020 is fully compatible with SZ M3000 test system. UNIMET platform consists of dozens of test adapters with hundreds of ready made test programs. It can be easily connected to any type of standard handler through TCP/IP, IOs or RS232. Together with various TAs (Test Adapters), UNIMET represents an ideal choice for RAD-HARD component testing. UNIMET 2020 used without TAs, makes an ideal choice for ASIC testing.

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Click on the picture below for full overview of available Test Adapters (optional extensions)



  • Discrete semiconductors (Transistors, Diodes, MOS-FETs, JFETs, etc.)
  • OpAmps
  • Analog and Digital ICs
  • Linear devices
  • Passive devices
  • Hybrid devices
  • Mixed signal devices
  • Power management
  • Smart power devices
  • Voltage regulators
  • Optocouplers
  • AD / DA converters
  • Memories

Technical specification

Basic configuration of test station fully compatible with SZ-M3000. Included modules:

  • 16bit precision voltmeter with auto-calibration
  • S&H and RMS converter units
  • Voltage sources
  • Current sources
  • Analog stimuli (Ramp and Sinus generators)
  • Digital stimuli and data acquisition
  • Time/frequency measurement with level detectors
  • Leakage current measurement

Fields of application

  • Radiation testing (electrical parametric tests)
  • Component qualification
  • Low volume production testing (connection to handler via TCP/IP, IOs or RS232)
  • Engineering testing
  • Quality control
  • Functional testing
  • Diagnostics
  • Failure analysis
  • Substitute of the LTS 2020 tester
  • Substitute of the Deltest tester



Test system control software SCADUS







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