Avalanche testing - Unclamped inductive switching/load (UIS/UIL)

Avalanche testing - Unclamped inductive switching/load (UIS/UIL)

EFFITEST series allows avalanche measurements UIS/UIL for measuring EAS and EAR. This measurement is specifically designed for production use but it can be of course used also in a laboratory.

EAR and EAS measurements could be performed on a diode, MOSFET, IGBT or bipolar transistors. You can choose from 3 different measuring methods.


  • Up to 2500V/100A
  • Gate driver +/-30V
  • Programmable gate resistor 0-1023R
  • Programmable over-voltage/current protection up to 2500V/100A
  • Digitizer up to 500 MHz, 2GS/s
  • Custom-made inductors according to the customer specifications
  • Inductor, oscilloscope, probes and current sensors located in the EFP_DC_UIL_RACK
  • Complete Selftest and Calibration


Acquired waveform


Usable results from the measurement

  • EAS, EAR – possibility to choose displayed results
  • Detailed waveforms with possibility of easy export to .csv
  • Detailed results for EAS (Meas / Calc), IAS Peak, IAS Off, V(BR) Effective, V(BR) Low, V(BR) Peak, dv/dt




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