Voltage / Current Measurement Unit


CM150_SA is designed for positive current measurement, with automatic current range switching, with
measurement ranges from 1mA to 200A(150A max).


  • Current ranges 1mA, 10mA, 100mA, 1A, 10A, 100A(50Amax), 200A(150Amax)
  • Unidirectional voltage and current measurement (in positive directions)
  • Automatic or manual current range selection
  • Over-current, sense buffer overload and over-temperature protection
  • Current range switching time 100us
  • Programmable range switching filters (time before range up/down switching) for load peaks suppression
  • DUT Voltages up to 70V
  • PLC control interface for Stand Alone mode without Ethernet control
  • Ethernet control interface Modbus-TCP
  • 0..10V analog outputs or internal sampling ADCs
  • Voltage and current sampling up to 100ksampl/s
  • PC delay sapling buffer for 2.5sec@100ksampl/s
  • Analog outputs calibration and digital calibration for sampled data
  • Configurable registers settings in EEPROM for stand alone using(use without Ethernet)
  • DHCP or Static-IP configuration and unique NetBIOS name(Host name)
  • Possibility of ADC calibration constants dedicated for every range extra.(If sampling over Ethernet is used.)
  • Logarithmic analog output 0..10V indicator for measured current(indicate values 200nA .. 150A)
  • Desktop use or on Top Hat Rail system holder (for EN 50022 – 35mm)




Output voltage is represented by voltage 0V – 10V on AO_V_value output pin or value sampled over Ethernet.
The voltage range is 70V (Or 50V selected with the jumper on main board).

Voltage range Accuracy FSR ADC LSB AO_V_value voltage
50V 0,1% 10mV 0V..+10V
70V 0,1% 14mV 0V..+10V



The current is represented by voltage 0V – 10V on AO_I_value output pin(according to the current range) or value sampled over Ethernet with selected range.

Current range Accuracy ADC LSB AO_I_value voltage
1mA 0,2% 200nA 0V..+10V
10mA 0,2% 2uA 0V..+10V
100mA 0,2% 20uA 0V..+10V
1A 0,1% 200uA 0V..+10V
10A 0,2% 2mA 0V..+10V
100A (50A limited) 0,2% 20mA 0V..+10V(+5V)
200A (150A limited) 0,6% / 1,0% 40mA 0V..+10V (+7,5V)

Current range analog indication

The current range is represented by voltage 0V – 10V on AO_I_range output pin.

Current logarithmic analog indication

The current value + range is represented by voltage 0V – 10V on DAC_B output pin.



Using supply with sense wires input














Using supply without sense wires input














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