EOL Car Keys tester

EOL Car Keys tester

EOL (End Of Line) tester performs a functional and optical test of the complete product. In the case of the car key tester, the RF signal, the presence of microswitches or blanking plugs, optical tests of pictograms and visual defects are tested. Test is performed in shielded RF fixture.


  • RF signal (433/315MHz)

Other functions

  • Optical test - check pictograms
  • Optical logo presence test (reflectivity only)
  • Tactile test for the presence of a button / blank
  • RFID reader of internal parameters
  • Optical test of case completeness
  • Optical housing damage test (scratches, material defects)
  • LED checking
  • Sending results to the Fazit database
  • Gold samples
  • Reading QR codes
  • Print labels
  • Small dimensions
  • Redbox
  • Traceability
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