LDM Tester

LDM Tester

LDM (LED Driver Module) tester is designed for testing LED control units especially used in cars. Primarly it is neccessary to switch on the module via LIN/CAN command and establish standard communication. Then with real or simulated LED outputs, measure DC and AC parameters, such as: currents, voltages and switch-on, switch-off times. It is based on DMT or CMT platform (in case you need to test different PCBs).

Device for testing LDM including other operation like labelling, packing to housing etc. Application can be controlled by LabView, TestStand or SCADUS software. Tester and adapter is designed to fulfill different requirements of a customer. It is very often combined with checking of position of connector or screws in housing. LDMs can reach very different complexity starting at analog signal LDM to LDM combinating LIN and CAN communication, headlamp possitioning and matrix lights. For each LDM is important to check input and ouput currents, flawless communication and response times.



  • Supply voltage
  • Supply current
  • Sleep current
  • Switching time
  • LED check
  • PWM frequency
  • Load current
  • Load voltage

Other functions

  • Communication check
  • Golden samples
  • QR code reading
  • Label printing
  • Engraving of OK pieces
  • Housing check
  • Screws check
  • Pneumatic contacting
  • Programming
  • Buttom function check
  • Small footprint
  • Redbox
  • Traceability
  • AOI
  • Contacting   Connectors, pins, test points   
  • Load - Electrical, Resistors, Real LED
  • Time measuring - Oscilloscope


  • Power supply up to 60V / 10A
  • Communication Digital I/O, LIN, CAN, CXPI


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