LED Tester

LED Tester

LED tester is cost-effective solution for testing LEDs on PCB/A. Usual test parameters are colour, intensity, wavelength, supply current and voltage. It could be based on DMT or CMT platform (in case you need to test different PCBs). 

PCBA with LEDs can be supplied by current supply, voltage supply or LDM. It is important to check input current and voltage of each PCBA. PCBA can be contacted on test points, connectors, pins etc. Every LED is checked by separated channel of UNITES Color Sensor. Relative intensity of light, wavelenght and color in check by one measuring. Plastic reflector, housing or other parts can be tested during the test.



  • Supply voltage
  • Supply current
  • Sleep current
  • Switching time
  • LED check
  • PWM frequency

Other functions

  • Communication check
  • Golden samples
  • QR code reading
  • Label printing
  • Engraving of OK pieces 
  • Housing check
  • Screws check
  • Pneumatic contacting
  • Programming
  • Buttom function check
  • Small footprint
  • Redbox
  • Traceability
  • AOI


  • Power supply up to 60V / 10A
  • Communication -   Digital I/O, LIN, CAN, CXPI
  • Contacting -  Connectors, pins, test points   

UNITES Color sensor features

  • 8 chanels
  • 12-bit digital output
  • 2-step sensitivity switching (sensitivity ratio 1: 9 )

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