Surge Protector Device tester

Surge Protector Device tester

Surge protectors are an important safety feature of electrical connections. They guarantee the limitation of voltage peaks that can damage the connected appliances. High-voltage testers verify the correct function of the overvoltage protection and status indicators (LED, sound signaling), electrical strength and measure the leakage current.


  • Resistance measurement
  • Test of varistors
  • Measurement of leakage currents
  • Measurement of electrical strength
  • LED color measurement
  • Measurement of LED flashing frequency
  • Measurement of sound signaling intensity

Used HW:

  • Source FUG MCP 14-2000
  • Finero FST 110 high voltage tester
  • High voltage multiplexer FST 150
  • Feasa LED analyzer
  • DMM Keysight 34465A


  • High voltage power supply max. 5kV AC and 5kV DC (max. Power 500VA) for tests of dielectrict strenght
  • Source start-up from 60ms to 30s
  • Continuous power supply up to 2kV / 14mA
  • Measurement of LED color and intensity
  • Measurement of sound signaling intensity


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