TR5001T SII TINY is a new generation of TRI's Tiny In-Circuit Tester. Offering up to 640 testing points and extending coverage with Boundary Scan, the TR5001T SII TINY brings an extended ICT feature set in the industry's most compact and affordable solution. The new generation desktop ICT offers powerful board test functionality, Audio analyzer and Data acquisition modules and multiple programmable power supplies for testing devices and LED strips.


  • Compact and lightweight full-featured ICT solution
  • USB interface for connecting to a notebook or PC
  • Boundary Scan Solution with 2 independent TAPs and 16-channel DIO
  • Advanced analog and digital testing with programmable DUT power supplies

Tester Specifications

Analog/hybrid test points

  • 640 analog test points

Operating System

  • Microsoft® Windows 10

Fixture Type

  • Manual or press type fixture

Standard Testing Components

Analog Test Hardware

  • 6-wire measurement switching matrix
  • Measures voltage, current and frequency
  • Component R/L/C/D measurement
  • 60 V high voltage current source for LED strip testing

Optional Components

Analog Hardware

  • TestJet vectorless open circuit detection
  • Sine Wave Generator

Digital Testing

  • Boundary Scan
  • Data Acquisition and Audio analyzer modules
  • Enhanced Digital Test Module

Yield Management System

  • YMS 4.0



  • 335 x 260 x 185 mm

Note: not including PC or accessories



  • 8 - 11 kg

Note: not including PC or accessories

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