Designed for testing large and complex PCBAs, the TR8100LV is TRI's top-of-the-line board test system targeting the low-voltage testing market. TR8100LV's vacuum system ensures full pin contact and with up to 3,584 pin digital MUX-free architecture, the system allows for faster and simpler testing of large pin-count devices and fast program development. Included *TRI ToggleScan® and VregTest® technology combine Boundary Scan with solutions for limited test access boards. *"ToggleScan®" and " VregTest®" are registered trademarks of Test Research, Inc.


  • Digital 1:1 driver/receiver per pin architecture design
  • High fault coverage test solution with vacuum fixture
  • Low voltage device testing and rapid test speed
  • Friendly UI with fast and easy program development


Tester Specifications

Analog/hybrid test points

  • TR8100LV: 3584
  • TR8100LLV: 5632

Operating System

  • Microsoft® Windows compatible PC, Windows 10

Fixture Type

  • Offline press or vacuum type fixture

Standard Testing Components

Analog Test Hardware

  • 6-wire measurement switching matrix
  • Programmable AC/DC/DC High voltage and current sources
  • AC/DC voltage, DC current measurement, frequency
  • Component R/L/C measurement
  • Synthesized Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • TestJet vectorless open circuit detection

Digital Testing

  • Non-multiplexing 1:1 per pin architecture with independent per-pin level setting
  • DUT power supplies: 5 V@5 A, 3.3 V@5 A, 12 V@5A, 0.2~20 V@3 A and -3~-20 V@3 A
  • On-board Flash, EEPROM, MAC programming

Optional Components

Analog Hardware

  • Fixture Conversion Kits for Teradyne, GenRad

Digital Testing

  • Programmable DUT power supplies: 75 V / 8 A,  200W maximum output power
  • Includes BScan Chain Test, BScan Cluster Test, BScan Virtual Nails Test, BScan Virtual Chain Test and IEEE1149.6 Test

Yield Management System

  • YMS 4.0



  • TR8100LV: 1150 x 850 x 800 mm
  • TR8100LLV: 1550 x 850 x 800 mm


  • TR8100LV: 390 kg
  • TR8100LLV: 450 kg
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