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Test application development

The complexity of today's analog-digital circuits brings high demands on the development and implementation of the test application. Detailed knowledge of the test system is therefore necessary. That's why the integrated circuit manufacturers themselves are making the development of these applications a specialized company.

We develop applications for our own Unimet and Unispot testers, as well as third-party platforms. We are able to design and manufacture application HW and test programs according to specific customer requirements and to tailor everything to a particular type of tester. We also convert existing testing programs between platforms.


  • UNITES - Unimet, Unispot
  • ​LTX - Fusion
  • Credence - M3660 (Falcon)
  • SZ - M3650, M3300 (Piranha), M3000
  • TESEC - 881TT


  • Analysis of the data sheet of the given circuit
  • Definition of measured parameters and their limits
  • Determination of measuring methods
  • Economic analysis
  • Determination of implementation time
  • Method of processing and evaluation of test results
  • ​Design of application wiring, or Selecting one of the existing test adapters
  • HW implementation of the measuring circuit
  • Write and debug the test program
  • Optimizing test time
  • Creation of technical documentation
  • Logged testing of GOLDEN device
  • Optimizing test time
  • Debug the application on the customer's test system


  • Hybrid DC / DC converter
  • Special microcontroller for cars
  • Precision instrument amplifier
  • Video A / D converter
  • Precision 16-bit A / D converter
  • Integrated circuit for switched power (including high voltage)
  • Test adapter for ceramic resonators and crystals
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